Documentation - AutoMailer

You must enable a cron job on your server for the proper functioning of the module. Learn more

Once you have installed AutoMailer click on "QFL Automailer > Manage Mails":

Here you should find 3 pre-configured e-mails that are disabled by default, you can take them as an example to create yours:

Leave a Review:

Reminds the customer to leave a review on his latest purchase. It is sent 'x' hours after an order is marked as 'complete'.

Cart abandoned

Invites the customer to complete their order with the possibility of giving him a coupon. It is sent 'x' hours after a quote is created.

Other products you may like

Shows list of products that the customer may be interested in, they are cross sells products of his latest purchase. It is sent 'x' hours after an order is marked as 'complete'.

You can add a new e-mail by clicking on "Add new" in the top right, or you can start editing one of the pre-configured e-mails by clicking on one of the rows.

after that you have made your edits you can save your e-mail just by clicking on "Save Mail" button.

It is possible to have a preview of the e-mail by clicking on the "Preview Mail" button in order to see how your e-mail will looks like. Remember that, the preview will try to pick the first completed order or the first quote in your site, to give you a more realistic example of the e-mail.

Here is a list will all the fields that you can configure for each e-mail and their explanation:

  • Enabled: It needs to be set to "Yes" in order to send the e-mails to the customers
  • Name: The e-mail name
  • Description: The e-mail description
  • Type: The e-mail type (Leave a review, Cart abandoned, Others product you may like). The e-mail will be sent in different situation based on this field value
  • Hours: The hours that have to pass before the e-mail gets sent. The e-mail takes as its reference time a different one based on the email type. "Leave a review" and "Other products you may like" check when an order have been marked as completed, "Cart abandoned" checks the creation date of a quote.
  • Store View: This field allows you to filter only the quotes or orders that have been created in one or more particular store views
  • URL params: This params are added at the end of the URLs that can't be directly edited from the edit view, like the products links. This gives you the possibility of adding particular params needed for something specific. Format should include the '?' character, here is an example: '?param_1=abc&param_2=123'
  • Sender Name: This is the name that will be showed in the e-mail
  • Sender Mail: This is the e-mail address that will be used as sender
  • Subject: The e-mail subject
  • Body: The e-mail body. You can customize it as you prefer.
  • Style: The style that will be used for the e-mail.

It is possible to unsubscribe from the e-mails by simply clicking the link that is provided in the examples e-mails.

This will redirect you to the AutoMailer subscriptions menu under the customer menu:

Here you will have a list of all the e-mails and you can uncheck the ones that you do not want to receive anymore.