Documentation - Ask Info Popup

Once you have installed Ask Info Popup click on "System -> Configuration". You should find a new voice on the left called "Ask Info Popup", click on "Options" to access the Ask Info Popup configuration area.

If you see a 404 error page, you have to log out and log in again to correctly see the page.

Ask Info Popup has just a couple of fields that have to be configured:

  • Send Emails To: This is the e-mail address where the e-mails will be sent.
  • Send To Customer: If this field is enabled the same e-mail will be also sent to the customer.
  • Email Sender: These are the sender's information. You can select one of the e-mail addresses that have been configured under the tab "Store Email Addresses".
  • Email Template: This is the email template that will be sent. You can create a customised template under the "Transactional Email" section, and then use it here.