Documentation - Social Stream

Installation and Basic Setup

1 – How to install DM Social Stream

You can easily install DM Social Stream using the standard component installation process. You have to click on “Extensions->Extension Manager” then you have to select the .zip file you have downloaded from our site and just click “Install”.

2 – Accounts Configuration

Before adding the accounts you have to create an app on the service that you want to use. You can easily create your app by following the documentations:

After that you have created the apps you need to retrieve the App Id and Secret Id for each app(Facebook/Twitter/Google+).




3 – Add an account

Now that you have the Apps configured, you have to add the account that you want to use. Just click on the button "New" on the top of the page and select the account that you want to add, then just click on "Ask Permissions". You will be prompted to give permissions to the app that you have just created. After that you will just have to press "save"!


4 – Retrieve the posts

This is pretty easy, you just have to click on the button "Get Posts" and the extension will retrieve all the posts/tweets, based on the account that you have configured. Remember that this can take a lot of time depending on how many posts you have choosed to download. Wait till you see the message "The Posts list have been updated succesfully.".

You can create a cron task with this URLs:
- index.php?option=com_dmsocialstream&controller=social&task=getPosts&secret=yoursecretkey
- index.php?option=com_dmsocialstream&controller=social&task=getAttachments&secret=yoursecretkey
You can configure your secret key in the back end configuration.

5 – Let's see DM Social Stream in action

The next step consists in adding a new menu item by clicking on  “Menus->Main Menu->Add New Menu Item” and, under “Menu Item Type”, you have to select “DM Social Stream”.

Just selected the accounts that you want to show and that's it!

As you can see by clicking on the DM Social Stream page on your site, you already have a totally working page.