Documentation - Simple Contact

Super easy!

  • Add a menu item and select "DM Simple Contact->Contact Layout"
  • Select the user to contact and add (if needed) further destination emails in "Other e-mails"
  • In the "Info Text" section you can choose the fields you want displayed in the frontend, like Name, Address, Telephone
  • In the "Form Params" section you can select the required, optional and hidden fields that the user will compile
  • Select your favourite layout.

Advanced Options

You can set a Verification code to prevent bot spam, setting the captcha to "Yes". DM Simple Contact use reCaptcha, so you need to set in your DM Simple Contact component parameters ("Components->DM Simple Contact->Parameters/Options") your reCaptcha public key and private key (you can get them from

DM Simple Contacts uses GoogleMaps API v3: you don't need an API key. From the Map Advanced Parameters you can set the map height, the default view mode (Road Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain) and enable zooming with the mouse scroll.
If you enable the "Show Directions" parameter, your users will be able to view and print the directions to reach the contact's address from their location.
From the component's parameters, you can set the map language, which will also apply for the directions panel.

You can add a dropdown field and an extra text field. To add the dropdown, all you need to do is set a Label and list all the options (using a comma to separate them). To add the extra text field, simply set your Label in the Advanced Parameters section.

You can use your own style changing the "Content CSS id" param and setting your style in your template CSS file.


There are 4 preset contact layouts. The elements’ positions based on the "Layout" parameter are listed below:

Preset 1
Preset 2
Preset 3
Preset 4
Preset 5