Documentation - Pinboard

Installation and Basic Setup

1 – How to install DM Pinboard

You can easily install DM Pinboard using the standard component installation process. You have to click on “Extensions->Extension Manager” then you have to select the .zip file you have downloaded from our site and just click “Install”.

2 – Let's see DM Pinboard in action

The next step consists in adding a new menu item by clicking on  “Menus->Main Menu->Add New Menu Item” and, under “Menu Item Type”, you have to select “DM Pinboard Pro/Lite”.

PinBoard works with 3 different type of items:

  • Joomla Content
  • K2 Items
  • Zoo Items

Just click the item type you want and DM Pinboard will automatically retrieve the needed informations from the items that are already stored in your site.

As you can see by clicking on the DM Pinboard page on your site, you already have a totally working page.

  • In the basic setup, DM Pinboard will show all the items, you will be able to filter the items by category using the DM Pinboard control panel.
  • At the moment there’s not a back end panel under the Extension menu, so all the property of DM Pinboard can be found by clicking on the Menu Item. 


We have fixed the SEF URLs by creating a Category View menu item for each category (Joomla, K2 and Zoo) you have in your site. If you create a new category, you can choose to manually add the Category View under the DM Pinboard Menu, or you can just go on the backend panel and DM Pinboard will automatically create the missing menu items.