Documentation - Maps for K2

Installation and Basic Setup

1 – How to install DM K2 Maps

You can easily install DM K2 Maps using the standard extension installation process. You just need to click on “Extensions->Extension Manager”, select the .zip file you have downloaded from our site and click “Install”.

2 – Create the extra fields

The DM K2 Maps package is composed by a component, a module and a plug-in.

The first step is to create the extra fields that DM K2 Maps needs to generate the maps for your items. You can choose to have a single extra field with a format like that “State, City, Street Name, Zip Code, etc”, or "Lat/Long". The second possibility is to have multiple extra fields, where you have to define the “State”, “City”, “Zip code”, etc, singularly.
Obviously if you have already created this fields for your items you can use them.

3 – What the package contains

The DM K2 Maps package is based on a component, a module and a plug-in. You do not need all of them, just activate the ones you need. All these extensions have a common part that we will explain in the next chapter.


To setup the component you have to add a new menu item by clicking on “Menus->Main Menu->Add New Menu Item” and, under “Menu Item Type”, you have to select “DM K2 Maps”.


By default the module is disabled, so you have to activate it by clicking on “Extensions”->”Module Manager”.


As for the module, the plug-in is disabled by default so let's click on “Extension”->”Plug-in Manager” and activate the “DM K2 Maps plug-in”.

4 – Fill the extra fields

This part of the guide is the same for all the extensions(Component, Module, Plug-in). In the propriety of the extension there is a field name “Extra fields”, here you have two possibilities as explained before. You can use a single field with all the address or a multiple field with the parts of the address.

Singular field

In this case it's pretty simple you just have to write in the field “Easy Extrafield IDs” the ID of the field that contains the address.

Multiple field

You have to fill the field “Multi Extrafields Cat. 1” with the IDs of the fields that contain the address parts. You have to write the IDs separated by a comma, like this: “id,id,id”.

Where can I find the Extra fields IDs?

To retrieve the IDs that you need you have to click on “Components->K2->Extra fields”, then you will see a table with all yours extra fields. The IDs are in the last column on the right as shown in the screenshot below.

Lets have an example on how this should be compiled:

  • Singular field: “Easy Extrafields IDs” = 5
  • Multiple fields: “ Multi Extrafields Cat. 1” = 6,7,8,9