Documentation - A/B Test

Intro & Extension Overview

1 – Intro

DM A/B Test is an extension that allows you to track and analyze the effectiveness, or the impact on your customers, that a particularly text/image/banner does. For example, if you want to add an image in your site and you want to see if that is going to impact positively on your sells or just on the visits of your web site, this is the extension that you need! You can add checkpoints, so that you can track step by step the path of your customers, but we will come to this later.

This can be an incredible powerful instrument when you are trying to achieve a web site with the perfect elements that, unconsciously, allow your customers to feel totally comfortable with your web site structure.

2 – How It works

The working method of this extension is as simple as effective. You have to set two possible contents, in this case the content A and the content B. The extension will randomly show the content A to half of the users and the content B to the other half. You will be then able to read statistics generated by DM A/B Test so that you can take your conclusions about which one of the two possibilities is the best.

Installation and Basic Setup

1 – How to install DM A/B Test

You can easily install DM A/B Test using the standard extension installation process. You have to click on “Extensions->Extension Manager” then you have to select the .zip file you have downloaded from our site and just click “Install”.

2 – How to setup a Test

The first thing you have to do is to add a new Test. This can be done in the backend panel of DM A/B Test. You can find that by clicking on “Components->DM A/B Test”. You will see a view that lists all the Tests you have defined, as you can imagine, after the installation, it will be empty. Let’s add a new Test by clicking on the “New” button at the top-right corner of the view. Here you have to define a name to your Test , then you have to fill up the “Variation A” and “Variation B” fields with the content that you want to show in front-end.


Checkpoints are used to track the specific parts of the site we are interested in. These can be defined by an url head. For example if you want to track how many users view the checkout page of your site you can do this by adding a new checkpoint with as url head.

You can define more than one checkpoint so that you can customize as you prefer your statistics.

*If the “multiple” checkbox is checked, DM A/B Test will count every time the user will visit that page, instead of counting one time per session.

3 – How to display a Test

There are two ways to display the Test content on your site:

  • using our module
  • adding a specific tag in an article text


If you want to display the A/B content in a module position use our DM A/B Test module, you will need just to select the interested test from the "Select test" field.

DM A/B Test tag

Another method to show the content on your template is to use the DM A/B Test tag so that you can include the content wherever you want, like in articles. Here is an example code:


You have to replace “MY_ID” with the Test’s id. You can find it under “Components->DM A/B Test”.

4 – Let’s see the results

The last part is pretty simple. You just have to click on the “Stats” link at the right of the Tests you want to analyze. Here you will see a complete table where is resumed all the info on the checkpoints you have set up.